The Bone Marrow Transplant Society of Australia and New Zealand is a society consisting of medical graduates and scientists involved in the clinical or laboratory management of patients undergoing blood or marrow stem cell transplantation or with an interest in the field of blood or marrow stem cell transplantation research.

The goals of the Society are to

  • to improve the outcome for Australians and New Zealanders of all ages undergoing transplantation of blood or marrow stem cells or other blood or marrow derived cells through innovation and improvements in clinical care
  • to foster clinical and laboratory research in blood and marrow transplantation
  • to track blood and marrow transplant activity and outcomes (via the Australasian Bone Marrow Transplant Recipient Registry)
  • to monitor and facilitate the professional education and training of health workers involved in blood and marrow transplant activity
  • to form collaborative links with other international organisations with similar objectives
  • to raise funds in order to achieve its goals by soliciting funds, donations and moneys from members of the public, corporations, trusts and any other source approved by the Council

Constitution of BMTSANZ Council

The affairs of the Society are managed by a committee known as the BMTSANZ Council that consists of seven members including four office bearers (the president, the vice-president, the treasurer and the secretary) and three ordinary members including one representative from New Zealand and one paediatric transplant representative. Each member of the Council serves a two year term but may be re-elected for a maximum of three consecutive terms.

Read the BMTSANZ Constitution

Function of BMTSANZ Council

  • to oversee activities of the Society in a manner that ensures the goals of the Society are effectively fulfilled
  • to deliberate on membership issues including applications by new members
  • to supervise the Australasian Bone Marrow Transplant Registry
  • to deliberate on appropriate use of the Society’s funds in order to ensure that the Society’s goals are fulfilled
  • to consider requests from BMTSANZ members in relation to the functions of the Society